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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Interview With A Legend

Some people get a 'once in a lifetime' experience, when they get to meet a legend. For example, I got to meet The Queen, or as I like to put it, The Queen got to meet me! But recently I got the chance to have tea with a very special lady indeed. Not only did I get to keep her hat, but I also got an interview for my blog. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Wendy Virgo...

As a mum, I would like to know how you managed your quiet time
I used to get up pretty early, 6 am. If I had a really young baby, regular time was difficult, but I lived on ‘bite sized chunks’ for a while. i.e, grab a few verses when I could and pray on the run! Terry and I tried to pray together but often it was pretty sporadic, depending on the state and ages of the kids at the time. When I had just 2 really small kids, I got them into bed early in the evening and spent a lot of time studying the Bible. A lot of my knowledge of the Bible was stored up in those years.  I had unwittingly created a storehouse from which I drew in the years ahead.
There were times I got rather discouraged about not being regular or systematic in prayer and Bible study, but I came to understand that God wasn’t clocking up merit points, and was willing to have time with me while I was breastfeeding, going to Sainsbury’s, or cleaning the bath! We just talked. As time goes by, things change, and your rhythm of life changes and you can be more structured.
What priorities did you put in place as a mum? 
I kept trying to focus on the reasons we were parenting: Our children were God’s gift to us, and therefore raising them was a serious commitment to him and to his will. Our goal was that they might fulfil his purpose for them and that we would eventually be able to release them into the world as responsible, caring people, with clear principles and guidelines for their lives. We tried always to be loving and affectionate; time spent playing with them wasn’t wasted.
What was the best and hardest thing about being a mum?
How long have you got?! Hard things were the relentless time pressure; always having to rush from thing to thing to get everything in. I am by nature not very organised and like to drift along with the flow…fat chance when you are trying to get 5 kids out of the door in the right clothes at the right time, with the right things in their bags, and then run a women’s Bible study or something else. It was hard not really getting any ‘me’ time to read, have a buble bath, or take up some pursuit such as French classes or learning a craft. Being consistent in discipline was also a hard thing.
Some best things were seeing children develop in all sorts of ways. We had lots of laughter and fun, and great holidays together. The endless bustle and interest of a large family is both demanding and stimulating.
How does God speak to you?
Through reading the Bible, prophetic words from people, through my husband. (I’ve learnt that if he says God has said something to him, then he usually has!) hearing preaching and circumstances backed up by the above. I hardly ever get meaningful dreams. I have had a few visions.
How did you make your husband a priority? 
Terry is not religious, but he was almost religious about always having a day off. Monday worked for us, and we still regard it as specifically just for us. We walk, talk, pray, have lunch out , go to a pub, make love in the afternoon if we feel like it. Its time to review, take stock, discuss, or just hang out. Also the children learnt I think, that Daddy always came first. God had called him to serve Him in a special way. When he was away we would put a map on the fridge so we knew where he was, and pray for him. I never moaned about hm being away etc in front of the kids.
How did you grow in the gifts of the spirit?
Mostly by having a go!
What are you currently reading?
I always have several books on the go. At the moment, “A History of Modern Britain” by Andrew Marr; “The Message of John” by Bruce Milne in the Bible Speaks Today series, (highly recommend) and Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.
How are you feeling about the move to Kingston?
Excited about the new challenge; exasperated with the slow pace it is going! We had been edging toward it, but were waiting for the green light from God. When we got it, there was peace that this is the next step. It might be easier to slow down and take it easy, but rather boring!
Can you share a funny moment about one of your children?
Some things were not funny at the time but became funny later when we looked back. One of my sons had a very sore bottom, and found a pink bottle of what he thought was baby lotion. We heard anguished shrieks of pain coming from the bathroom. His poor little bottom was pulsating and bright red. What he thought was lotion was hair removing cream….poor child. (That will keep us guessing as to which one!)

And lastly, would you rather buy new shoes or a new bag?
New shoes, every time!

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