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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

You Are What You Eat

In my morning Bible reading, I've been looking at the building of the Tabernacle, (the place where God's presence rested) and I have been struck by what the different people bring to the making of it; some people bring gold, some silver, some bronze, some scarlet yarns, some Acacia wood, some goatskins, and some precious stones. Then there are others who bring oil, some who bring spice for the oil, and some who bring goat's hair.

I really like where it says, 
"Whoever is of a generous heart, let him bring the Lord's contribution". Exodus 35v5

You could be led to think that surely the person who contributed Gold, contributed a better, more worthy substance to this Holy build, than the person who contributed goat's hair or oil. But as always with God, He's interested in the state of our heart, rather than the stuff.

Yesterday I arrived at church, and headed straight for the coffee; standard behaviour for any mum! I was offered instant instead of filter coffee, because the lady knew me, she knew my preference. That felt like a generous heart towards me. And although not as many hours went into the refreshment set up, as it did the preach prep, her servant heart added to the building of church that morning. 

A few weeks ago, I was making the world on a pizza, while the husband was editing himself gagging on a bowl of peas, and I got the giggles. It seems that our own unique creative ways of adding to the building of the Tabernacle, could be considered more like goat's hair than gold. But it's our hearts that God is interested in, not our contribution. 
I know the husband's heart is for young people to have a place to find good, clean, fun, godly content on the internet. (Check out his Youtube channel Jibflik). And my heart is to encourage and spur on mums. 

The verses I'm reading in the morning, seem to be attaching themselves to different points during my day or week. I have a couple of friends who really look for moments in their week to see where God is bringing that point home more heavily, and I'm trying to do the same, rather than just read it and tick it off. The Bible is meant to impact our life, our daily choices, our ups and downs, not just be mere words to read. We have tried various ways over the years to keep our kids engaged in Bible reading, because we want them to be reminded of, and changed by what they hear & read. We want it to sink in today, but also in ten years time, because parenting isn't just about today, it's for shaping them for their whole life. (Which helps me breathe a sigh of relief if I get today wrong). 

We have been better with it in some seasons than in others... mornings don't work for us now due to teens leaving early and childminding kids arriving. We aim for some dinner times as a family now. The older ones and us two are attempting to go through the New Testament at our own bedtimes. I've dropped the ball on that one recently, so the teens may have too. Need to get back on that. The girls have a Bible story read to them each night, one from The Rhyme Bible, with me reading the sentence and her finding the last word which completes the rhyme. And one from My First Bible. I have to admit I'm sometimes grateful when they forget to ask, as I'm pretty spent by bedtime. But they tend not to forget because it's become a habit, and of all the habits kids can stick to (like the boy who puts socks on after a bath, so he's ready for bed) I'm most pleased with this habit. My 8 year old has just borrowed Diary of a Disciple as his bedtime reading, after completing The Action Bible.

But what comes around again and again is The Jesus Story Book Bible. Oh it's so good. It's helped me hear truths when I've struggled, it's helped in leading a few of my kids to become Christians, it's a great book to give non-christian friends. It just goes on and on about God's never ending, never breaking, unstoppable love for us, and that's what I want my children to soak in. 

So our new little family venture is to read a story from it, alongside having made a dinner, pudding, or snack to go along with it! (Hence the 'World on a Pizza' from earlier). Some of them are easier than others, and I've recruited help from slightly more creative friends at times. The teens have thrown in some suggestions when it comes to John the Baptist and his diet of locusts and honey! Mmm... can't wait for that one. But I'd love you to join me in it, and show me photos of your own Bible Dinner Inspirations. Have a look on Instagram 'jesusstorybookfood_onepink, after all "man cannot live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God". Matthew 4v4

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