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Welcome to One Pink Toothbrush, where I will be posting moments from my days as a mum and as a wife. Funny moments, messy moments, thoughtful moments, teary moments.... and hopefully using each moment to see what God might be saying.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pride Before a Fall

I woke up yesterday morning under a Lightening McQueen duvet with a three year old, a number of teddy bears, a turkey and Sherrif Woody. It seems I had left my own warm place of sleep at 4am and attempted to snuggle into a single bed with my son, in order to stop getting up to his unsettled night. Surely it was easier to be in bed with him, being kneed and sleepily punched than settling in my own bed, to be woken up again in order to make the long hard journey back to his room...again!

My boys are allowed out of their room at 7:00am. But seeing as we had had friends stay over the night before, in the lounge, I thought it would be good to bless them with undisturbed sleep until 8am. We talked about how it was selfless to put their sleep before our need to play or watch some morning tele, and even before my coffee. So we read some books and I tried to play as many "laying down under a duvet" games as I could think of. Then just before 8am, I grabbed a training opportunity with my oldest;

Me; "What if we go downstairs and say 'we really blessed you, we got up at 7am but didn't disturb you until 8am, so you could sleep some more, that means we are selfless, doesn't it?'"
Number 1 son; "That would be pride mum."
So tired teaching point made, we headed downstairs to gently jump on our guests. The husband joined us an hour or so later for breakfast. And what do I hear myself saying when the husband professed how tired he was... "Well I slept in our son's bed from 4am and was up with the boys from 7am, but I didn't disturb you until 9am." 
Aarrgh, all I could hear was my son's words; "That would be pride mum".
 "Where there is strife, 
   there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice."

I had not allowed theses verses to take root. Strife had come about because I wanted the husband to know how great I was. I hadn't listened to my own advice, advice about being selfless, and humble. Not my own advice actually, It was straight out of the Bible, straight from Jesus' example. Thankfully, the husband was full of grace, (maybe it was the extra sleep he had had). 


  1. How very true. A lesson for us all in our "selfless moments" methinks.

  2. Thanks so much Emma. Well done for taking the plunge and sharing the adventure in your blog. Hxxxxxx