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Friday, 11 February 2011

Guinea Pigs and Bowling Balls

Okay, so after an afternoon of birthday bowling and McDonalds with eight boys, I am finding the energy levels lacking slightly. The house is full of new boxes; science kits, magic kits, art kits, kitchen experiments kits, and a few empty rolls of Ben10 and Mario wrapping paper discarded everywhere. I now find myself watching a DVD with four boys (2 of which aren't mine). The film seems to be about guinea pigs who are spies, who are currently being chased by a coffee maker. The guinea pig's 'turbo powered running balls' have not managed to hold the husband's attention as he appears to be asleep under a Buzz Lightyear duvet on the floor.

I spent last night wrapping gifts and blowing up balloons. I spent this morning molding and shaping icing to cover a Millenium Falcon attempt of a birthday cake. I spent lunchtime realizing once again I was out of bread (and alas even out of hot cross buns and cheese strings) So I fed the two little sons random party food. I spent the afternoon keeping an eye on the baby as he attempted to be a bowling ball, and on the three year old as he was realizing the power he had over automatic doors.

I spent yesterday chatting with a friend while we both wore elephant masks, even when the children weren't making us do so anymore. I look back at the range of things I do with my days and as messy as the house is and as crazy as my 'To do' list often is, I find myself feeling grateful. I am grateful for my boys. How different my life would be without it all. It's quite easy to feel grateful after a fun day with them. But i am also aware of how grateful I am just to have them.

"Children are a heritage from the LORD,
   offspring a reward from him."
                                             Psalm 127v3

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