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Friday, 4 March 2011

The Other Husband (Part One)

The husband is a wonderful man. He's committed to me and our family, he reads a marriage or parenting book every 6 months or so. He asks me whether I am feeling more like his wife or "just a mum" on a regular basis. He listens when I ask for a date night. He puts the coffee and sweetener in my mug and boils the kettle so that its ready for when I need it, and makes me laugh so much.  However there are the odd occasions when he is not quite in the same zone as me. He may be in the work zone, the tired zone, the ill zone or the iPhone zone. He may be unable to be at home due to work commitments. He may have worked so hard that he falls asleep when he's at home. He may be at home in body but not quite in mind.

And this is when I need to remember that I am my beloved's and He is mine. And by My Beloved, I mean Jesus. According to God's word, I am part of the church, and the church is the bride and the bridegroom is Jesus. He has made me spotless and righteous. He is an attentive husband to me. He is never too busy. He is never asleep.  He is available to me at all times. He knows me so very well. He loves me. He understands me. He chose me. He is consistent. He is faithful. And He is never on an iPhone.

I often go to the husband first when I should go to My Beloved. I sometimes try to be content in the husband's love, when I actually need to dwell in My Beloved's love. I seek acceptance from the husband, whereas it is My Beloved who accepts me fully. I expect alot from the husband, whereas it is My Beloved who will actually fulfil all my needs.  This is always true and would be true even if God hadn't blessed me with a wonderful husband at all.

"As a young man marries a young woman,
          so will your Builder marry you;
as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride,
         so will your God rejoice over you."
                                              Isaiah 62v5

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  1. What wonderful truth. The Iphone bit made me laugh so much. Jesus definitely doesn't have an that's refreshing! Thanks Em for reminding me that al i need is in my beloved, Jesus xxx love Emily xxx

  2. this is so encouraging - thanks mrs dawson. i have to check myself about this constantly! xoxo

  3. Wonderful truth Emma. I feel like I always need reminding about coming to Jesus first. Thanks. X

  4. I am loving reading your blogs Emma :-) what a gem! x